The Official LA WRC Chapter
Launched December 2015

At this WRC chapter we:
✅-Don't claim to be a militia
✅-Care about the Truth
✅-Follow independent media!
✅-Are not pushing the official story of 9/11!
✅-Are not protecting deep state criminals like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama & Clinton!
✅- Respect the core beliefs and mission of We Are Change
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Welcome to the official chapter of We Are Change Los Angeles! Warning: The original chapter of We are change L.A. was targeted for breakup with disinformation and lies in 2015. You can join this mainstream media based "meetup" WRC here . If you are tired of mainstream media lies however, and care about independent and alternative news, want to stop the new world order and expose corruption at all levels not just "Israel" then you came to the right We are change group. You can click on the 'ABOUT' link above to read more about the history of the old now obsolete "militia talk" chapter and how this Official Chapter of We Are Change came about.

At this local chapter of We Are Change in Los Angeles we believe in actively exposing deception. There's nothing cool about being played for a fool by those in power who wish to control you. Join us for local meetings with intellectual cutting edge discussion of current events and solutions. We are patriots, we are fearless! We are change Los Angeles OFFICIAL chapter!

Yes, we're in a new era and Obama is finally gone. But are you absolutely convinced that the Sandy Hook “event” of 12-14-12 and several other Obama events were fake event staged in conjuction with numerous federal agencies and crisis actors? If not, then you are not quite awakened to the Obama years of psychological terrorism and staged events. And with Trump now in office the question is, will these fake events continue under President Trump? It's been several months and so far they have not and for that we are excited. But our battle for truth and justice is a continuum and we shall eventually find out if Trump will act like Obama or not. If you live in Los Angeles and consider yourself a genuine truth seeker then this is the group for you. Join us for group presentations and conversations once a month.

Road to NWO

WRC Topics
We Are Change Los Angeles News & Updates
Group Discussion Format kicks Off
April 16, 2016

Here at the We are change Los Angeles chapter we have all learned a lot about current events and the ongoing globalization (new world order) agenda. After almost a year and a half of group presentations focusing on many topics and culminating in the Globalist Revolution against America we are now approaching the information war with predominantly group discussion. Our April 2017 meeting reflected that and we discussed many solutions to the problems we face. If you are looking for a group where you can come to once a month and listen to, discuss and share real news and analysis please fill out a questionnaire to be invited to our meetings.

This Chart Might Explain the Future- WRC January Meeting
January 23, 2016
WRC Jan 2017

Our WRC LA group discussed a very important chart which could explain the future of the United States in terms of the engineered chaos and divided designed to destroy America. This chart first appeared on with an accompanying video, see here. In January 2017 the LA group was presented with the full lecture on this topic.

We Are Change LA Year End Truth & Music Event a Success!
December 25, 2016
WRC Event

Our December 2016 meeting was a great success. This meeting was a combined effort with members of We are change LA, LA Skywatch and 9/11 Truth LA. Numerous activists and truth seekers played music and sang for us and it was great. Our venue was also very helpful toward making this a successful event. We preceded our meeting with a talk about how the information war is changing and how there is a war against truth and the notion of citizens investigation. Happy New Year to all. See you in 2017

Featured Topic- Nov 2016- US Presidential Elections and Paradigm Shift
November 17, 2016
Trump wins

Our November 2016 discussion and presentation will be related to the recent U.S. presidential election and what the Donald Trump defeat over Hillary Clinton really means. Also, like it or not, ready or not, we are experiencing another massive paradigm shift which is effecting many facets of our lives. Humanity is awakening to the plans of the ruling elite and many things are now revealed which in the past were kept secret. More than anything, we need to stay ahead of the wave and catch this current paradigm shift so that we can respond to current events wisely and in real-time. Want to be a part of our monthly discussions? Click the 'How to join' tab at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

Featured Topic- Oct 2016- Part 2- Understanding the Information War
October 10, 2016
Information war

Our discussion for October will be a continuation of several presentations from September 2016 for both our local We are change chapter as well as L.A. Skywatch, a local environmental activism group exposing mostly the chemical spraying of our atmosphere. The information war is as out of control as ever as we head into a historically corrupt US Presidential election and we teeter on the edge of what many people say is inevitable world war 3. Are you awakened to the ruling elite's global order plans and are you looking to meet up with other like-minded truth seekers once a month for cutting edge discussion and presentations about what is really happening? Then fill out a questionnaire form here and someone will contact you and invite you to our next meeting as a guest at our discretion.

Featured Topic- Sept 2016- The Engineering Of Civil Unrest
September 12, 2016
Civil unrest

Our September local meeting will feature the topic of the engineering of civil unrest here in the United States and how this entirely engineered anger and unrest (funded by George Soros- FYI) seems to be building up in a way that is not going to go away. How can we identify this tactic and what can we do about it? Join our discussion every month as we dissect political issues and current events as they occur. Interested in joining our group? Fill out a questionnaire by clicking on the link above that says "How to join" and follow the instructions.

Update: The ISIS Psyop Revealed In It's Full Context!
August 19, 2016
ISIS psyop

Our most recent We are change meeting covers the origins of ISIS and how the ruling elite have used ISIS in their global Gladio B operation to implement chaos and fear as they destroy nation states that don't cooperate with the West's new world order plans. Click image on the right to see how in 2014, prior to the ISIS psyop going full steam ahead the establishment was already placing ISIS in the consciousness of the masses. If this sounds interesting to you and you live in Los Angeles then join us for our once a month group discussion and presentation as we peel the layers off of government and mainstream media deception and analyse current events.

Update: De-masking Deception and Forging Solutions
August 10, 2016

Here at the Los Angeles chapter of We are change we are focused on de-masking government deception. Join our cutting edge discussions once a month as we break down huge topics of "conspiracies" and reveal the truth behind these issues. Join our Los Angeles group and empower yourself with knowledge beyond your years. In July we dissected the concept of solutions and demonstrated what true solutions consist of. We've been tackling big topics in the news particularly the storm of staged Gladio style events all part of the West's strategy of tension and global psychological terrorism. Stay tuned in August for a full breakdown of the ISIS psyop. This topic is so big we may take several months to tackle it all. Then we'll go far beyond ISIS and look at solutions to not only ISIS but any other psyops that the West creates. Join us for discussion this month.

We Are Change Los Angeles Independence Day Outreach to General Public Rocks!
July 09, 2016

There's nothing like outreaching to the general public and getting a chance to wake other people up about the world we live in or meet others that thought they were alone in their quest for truth. In our usual tradition We are change Los Angeles hit the streets on the July 4th weekend for an "Independent Thinkers" tabling! See images of our table here. Bravo to those who helped make this effort possible.

Topics of the month: Orlando Nightclub False Flag, Sandy Hook Series Continued
June 16, 2016

This month we'll continue our discussion about Sandy Hook and we'll discuss the latest government false flag event at the Orlando nightclub.

Upcoming We Are Change LA Topics
May 15, 2016

This month we'll be discussing Sandy Hook, the road to WW3, the presidential election campaign, clever solutions and ideas for staying mentally and physically healthy and much more. Interested in joining our conversation? Then fill out the questionnaire form to join our LA chapter and we'll get back to you.

Without the Pentagon Lies the Israel Did It Movement Dies
April 18, 2016

8 months later, former We Are Change chapter still clings to 9/11 official story Pentagon lies and declares it "official position" of We Are Change! READ MORE

4 Components of a Well Structured and Effective Social Justice Group
Feb 07, 2016
war on truth

In our recent meeting we focused on the key components of an effective group. First there is the focus on group function and planning. The group's goals are discusses and how to go about those goals. Then there is intra-group education efforts where important issues are presented so that everyone has a chance to see, understand and ask questions. This is a primary purpose of regular group meetings. Then you have public outreach efforts and actions to educate the general public. These actions should be coordinated strategically in order for them to be effective. Finally you have truth to power efforts where activists within the group coordinate to send messages to elected officials and power figures and entities. These 4 components of group activities is an easy way for group members to find their role in the group.

2016 and the War On Truth
Jan 24, 2016
war on truth

There is a war on truth going on all over the country and many parts of the world. It's all part of the 3 wars being waged against humanity. Join the new We Are Change Los Angeles group to discuss this topic further. This group is for those ready to go down the rabbit hole.

Presentation About Infiltration and Disinformation Sets Tone for New We Are Change Group
Jan 02, 2016

The new 'We Are Change Los Angeles' group met officially for the first time on Saturday December 26, 2015 and we had a presentation focusing on Infiltration and Disinformation in the Truth movement. Read more

The Deleted Pentagon Rebuttal That Silenced The Opposition

Laying the "Pentagon" Debate to Rest

The following manifesto was a response to Pentagon disinformation raised in old group. Read more

Los Angeles WAC Meeting Announced
Dec 22, 2015
mini banner

The first meeting for the new Los Angeles We Are Change is this Saturday December 26, 2015. Location and time is available to all members. In this first meeting we'll have a presentation on the importance of group dynamics, unity and how to identify group infiltration and disinformation. A reminder invitation to our meetings is for verified MEMBERS ONLY so if you want to be a part of it please click on the 'How to join' menu tab above and follow the instructions on how to join the group.

New group officially comes together
We are change

Exiting members of the group "WACLA" recently decided to move on and form the official chapter of We are change Los Angeles. Read more

How to start a new truth group
Kid blocks

It isn't every day that we are faced with having to start an entirely new group. Read more

Details of Next Meeting to be Announced
Jan 04, 2016

Details of our next meeting will be made available to verified members only. Want to help us change the world? Join We Are Change Los Angeles and make a difference. Be part of our monthly truth seeker round-table. Many announcements coming soon including upcoming group activities, nominations and discussion about group structure and function.

Was WACLA Really Infiltrated?
We are change

Did we witness a sudden sporadic difference in views of the world between majority attending members of WACLA and the organizer and his “partner”? Read more

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