New LA Chapter
Launched December 2015
Team Leaders:
All members in this group are team leaders. We believe decentralizing truth groups is a key to success.
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This chapter of We Are Change came about due to a unique situation that demanded change. The foundation of this new chapter is based on the honest search for truth in the context of today's freely available open source independent, investigative and alternative media.

This group fundamentally believes that western mainstream media news represents an extremely narrow spectrum of news which is under full control of government for the purposes of spreading political propaganda beneficial to itself.

We believe it is important to fundamentally understanding how the flow of information works and the degree to which mainstream media news represents a narrow spectrum of that flow of information. Thus as a group we aim to show the public that information is indeed free, and that the internet has broken the information bottleneck that has hampered humanity for many centuries. By demonstrating the true nature of the flow of information we hope to demonstrate to the public that what they don't know is truly killing many people and marching us toward global enslavement.

We are change warning

Topics this group will cover include:

- Globalist terror attacks of 9/11/01 and how to approach outreach for the purposes of bringing more awareness which triggers social change and hopefully justice. We do not subscribe to claims that the “Muslims did it”, that “Israel did it” or that “Saudi Arabia did it”. We believe these are partial truths and distractions conjured up by Intelligence and by those who want to see the true perpetrators go unpunished.

- Fake "terrorism"- Islamic State or ISIS- We realize that ISIS was created, armed and funded by the U.S. and its NATO allies under the Obama administration. Exposing "terrorism" we believe cannot be done without acknowledging this reality.

- False flag events that are perpetrated in order to blame an enemy of choice

- Mainstream media fakery and ongoing politically motivated crisis actor staged shootings. We aim to expose many staged events which we witnessed during the Obama administration years leading up to the start of 2017

- Rise of the new world order and the march toward global enslavement via the following agendas:

a. Global warming (hoax) agenda and global carbon taxation

b. Global police including private policing expanded greatly during the Bush and Obama years.

c. Agenda 21 and global “sustainable” living themes attempting to introduce the new world order agenda into society while ignoring how it undermines individual rights

d. Staged war on terror (ISIS) to destroy nation states as mentioned above

e. Illegal trade agreements witnessed during the Obama years as well as the rise of corporate tyranny to undermine national sovereignty

f. Environmental terrorism -Geoengineering and chemtrails spraying under the command of the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense

g. GMOs and the biological weaponization of food with pesticides like glyphosate and other toxic chemicals. Also the dangers of EMF on humanity

h. Depopulation agenda and forced vaccination and sterilization, Codex Alimentarius, Zika virus lies, Ebola virus etc.

i. Censorship of environmental disasters like Fukushima and other events

- Loss of personal freedoms

Police state- Militarization of police, expanding police power and corruption

Criminalization of free speech

Creation and labeling of the “Domestic extremist”

Gun control agenda

Illegal NSA spying and data collection

Surveillance state, violation of internet rights

Denial of personal rights (to Nullify, trial by jury, right of the accused)

Financial enslavement and the Federal Reserve scam

- Social engineering (Common Core, television programming)

- Mainstream media, military and Intelligence ongoing news propaganda (breaking news, military worship, knee-jerk emotional response news)

- Medical tyranny and corruption of Pharmaceutical industry, FDA , forced vaccination, forced medication, Cancer Industrial Complex, loss of reproductive rights

Finally, one final topic this group will always discuss is:

- Solutions

Consistently mixed into our topics and meetings is a search for solutions. Today we have many solutions to consider.

-We will also cover other topics related to the rising new world order including the United Nations globalization agenda, the western NATO alliance and their endless wars as they relate to geopolitics and the march toward WW3.

This group is as much a research forum as it is a group committed to taking action to effect social change.