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Launched December 2015
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All members in this group are team leaders. We believe decentralizing truth groups is a key to success.
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History of We Are Change Los Angeles

Some perhaps familiar with the October-December 2015 suspected infiltration of the old We Are Change LA aka “WACLA” or "" group will insist on brushing off this disruption as a trivial disagreement between group members. However, the majority of attending members and critical thinking truth seekers who exited from the old WACLA meetup group strongly believe we witnessed a typical Cointelpro-style infiltration of the group based on the sudden announced departure from the root principles of the organization. The following timeline is an overview of the history of the old group leading to the start of the new and now official We Are Change Los Angeles chapter. Some images and links are provided below for the purposes of adding proper context to the story.

The original We Are Change L.A. or "WACLA" chapter began in 2007 and was extremely active in confronting politicians and reporting truth until about the end of 2012 when new leadership was put in place. From 2012 to the end of 2015, though a few of us carried on with some street outreaches without the involvement of the new Organizer, the group progressively took less and less action, experienced significant decreases in membership, and by the end of 2015 the leadership including 2 key members unilaterally announced that the group was going in a "new" direction, proclaiming "new" truths about 9/11, government corruption and ongoing false flags. The “new” truth even turned out to include ideas suggesting that the new world order was not really happening. The "new" truth brought to the group by these specific individuals turned out to be the same old lies and deceit we often hear from mainstream media and our corrupt government.

Sandy Hook
A picture tells a thousand words. Under the banner of "truth" infiltrators try to take back Sandy Hook

Mocking truth seekers for questioning one of the sloppiest staged mass shootings in modern history constituted a severe violation of the mission statement of We Are Change and the fundamental beliefs of the members of the group. To make things worse the group was suddenly subjected to a “new” brand of 9/11 truth which shifted the blame of 9/11 completely away from the Bush administration. US government controlled staged Pentagon crash “evidence” was declared as the new truth. The group was told to believe the official story lies of the Pentagon, and that resistance indicated lack of knowledge, a sign of “lack of humility”, and unwillingness to acknowledge their "new" truth.

Group gets ambushed by multiple agendas. The common denominator? Blame pointed away from US government involvement in known state crimes.

Discussion deleted
Several discussions exposing and challenging disinformation were deleted under the guise of "disruption" of group!

As a result of all of this shenanigan, immediate action was taken to restore this chapter of We Are Change, here in Los Angeles. This new and now only official chapter of We Are Change here in Los Angeles properly named "We Are Change Los Angeles" (not "WACLA") officially took off at the very end of 2015 with several important group meetups held at the end of 2015. The push to restore We Are Change Los Angeles came following what appeared to almost all regularly attending members to be a classic government infiltration. After witnessing such infiltration the group was restored after consulting with We Are Change about the matter.

This replacement chapter of We Are Change thus acts as a reminder to all truth seekers that you, the individual are the solution. You are the leader and you are the answer to today's maladies at the hand of oppressive government. No one should ever wait to be led. We are all leaders and that is one of the themes of this restored chapter. This new chapter of We Are Change Los Angeles is a reminder to all, that Truth is self evident and realized by those who are fully awakened to the globalist plans and who choose to stay on top of domestic and foreign independent news and information with a sense of supreme vigilance.

Stay vigilant
Stay vigilant

The enemy is extremely clever and as clearly stated in the memos released earlier in 2015 regarding Jade Helm, the ultimate goal of the controllers is to track, map-out, study and ultimately control and “master the human domain”. This includes silencing truth groups and anyone who dares to expose corrupt government. They will stop at nothing to ridicule, accuse, bad-mouth, censor, and silence truth seekers, as they declare their own truth to be the “new” truth everyone should believe. They get angry and uncomfortable when their lies are exposed. But they will stop at nothing to continue with their divisive and destructive agenda while deceptively mixing truth with lies.

Though we don't expect to exclusively agree on every single issue, it is not the goal or intention of this group to assemble to debate issues that are fundamentally acknowledged and verifiable via the open source global community of independent investigators and independent journalists. For this reason we've implemented a verification process for likeminded members who want to be part of our group and get straight into solutions.

Members of this group gather once a month to discuss indepth knowledge about the world around us as well as solutions to our problems. It serves as a unifying educational and edifying platform of likeminded individuals where each member can enjoy the benefits of spending some time with fellow truth seekers once a month. We believe that likemindedness, not so much the freedom to debate over the same old established issues is what will make this group a fun and educational experience for those who attend.

We believe knowledge is available to all but each individual must do what they can to align themselves with truth. Therefore those who wish to live in a subjective world where there is no objective truth, will always be easy to fool and they will always be willing to listen to disinformation for the sake of being democratic. As with any group, we understand that people see the world differently and there is always room for disagreement but we do expect members to agree on some basic principles addressed in our mission statement.

If you are interested in joining this group please see the link to the verification page where you will be asked to fill out a form. Someone will then contact you to discuss your interest in the group.