New LA Chapter
Launched December 2015
Team Leaders:
All members in this group are team leaders. We believe decentralizing truth groups is a key to success.
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How to start a new truth group

It isn't every day that we are faced with having to start an entirely new group. So let's review a few steps on how to do this. So if you are finding it hard to stay in your current group because the puruit of truth doesn't seem genuine or the disinformation is too obvious, then take these steps to start your new group.

1- Identify those in the group of like-mindedness. You'll notice these people right away as they will be the ones who will also be intolerant of disinformation agents. And they will be the ones who want to discuss topics that matter to our freedom. Instead of being inclined to believe mainstream media accounts instead they will also be the ones most suspicious of government.

2- Now that you've identified who the truthers are, reach out to them and get their feelings about what is happening. Make sure you are all on the same page and that no one is being fooled by the disinformation agents.

3- Next, work together to expose the disinformation agents both at the group's meetups and on any other platform they attempt to use to spread their disinformation.

4- Gather together with those who are like-minded and remind each other of what is happening and offer them opportunities to strengthen their understanding of what is happening.

5- Start creating your group of like-minded individuals who won't tolerate diinformation. Meet somewhere as often as needed to discuss plans moving forward.

6- Set up your new group and focus on the issues that brought the old group down. Consider what could have been done to prevent this group breakdown.

7- Discuss ways that you can improve the new group. Share ideas and bring them to the first meetup.

8- Grow the group smartly, set your mission statement and other goals. Remember the quality of the new group is far more important than the quantity.