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Laying the "Pentagon" Debate to Rest- David Chandler versus CIT

The following manifesto was a response to Pentagon disinformation posted in the old We Are Change group. This post would eventually be deleted.

In the context of current global and domestic events and the rise of widespread tyranny and the new world order, this topic is as untimely and distracting as it gets. However, since this group has been deliberately force-fed this topic long after the topic seemed dead 2 months ago, I wish to post a conclusion on the topic if for no other reason, for the sake of education. Though I suspect most of this information serves as a review for those who have done their research:

We now know why those claiming that flight 77 hit the Pentagon avoid addressing the research done by the Citizen's Investigation Team (CIT) and Pilots for 911 Truth, some which I posted weeks ago. Because it lays to rest all of the following issues:

1- It disproves that any plane would be able to fly at such low altitude traveling at speeds over 500 mph!

This is an important first point because it helps explain everything else. Those who want to believe flight 77 hit the Pentagon refuse to believe that the claimed speeds are impossible.

You cannot be a pilot without understanding the maximum velocity thresholds of planes and why this is so. It's part of the fundamentals of plane flying physics in relationship to atmospheric and ground level pressures!

I believe this official story account (of high speed low plane) was the biggest mistake they made. They had to claim that the plane was flying so fast, in order to explain the missing plane parts, which would allow them to conveniently introduce the tiny pieces of plane parts showcased in the later released Pentagon staged photo album. Of course we never see these parts in any of the original photos of the Pentagon, neither are they reported by any of the reporters in the critical initial moments. I posted this video evidence earlier myself.

Pentagon no plane

Chandler directly avoids addressing the impossibility of the plane's high speed and low altitude but he does admit that this rules out a human pilot. (no Hani Hanjour!)

"Was this done by a human pilot?... It doesn't seem possible ... this is not the official story .... it doesn't make sense"

2- Pentagon-approved hand-carry plane parts images:

Despite his "doesn't seem possible" comment at the very end of the video, Chandler admits earlier in the presentation he simply believes these tiny hand-carry sized plane parts are “authentic”. He gives no scientific reason for this.

"Airplane debris needs a separate explanation"

plane parts

3- Supposed witnesses:

Of the witnesses who claim they saw a large plane actually impact, several of them have been caught nervously lying with inconsistent accounts when challenged to interviews (Mike Walters (aka Harley Guy part 2) and Keith Wheelhouse to name two). While numerous refused on camera interviews. Furthermore, many of the witnesses used by the government to authenticate the “official story” when questioned more pointedly admit they didn't actually see the impact. Many of them admit they weren't in position to do so. Many say they saw a slow moving plane, some say large plane, some small etc. Many of them simply assumed that the plane they saw was what hit.

Harley Guy Part 2- Meet Mike Walters!

Harley guy part 2

The 13 most solid and consistent witnesses confirmed a plane flew over NORTH of the Citco gas station and the Navy Annex building which debunks the official story. All of these witnesses were described as relaxed on camera, comfortably describing what they saw. Many of these witnesses, including 4 Arlington cemetery workers would not have been able to see the plane at all if the path of the plane was South of the Navy Annex and Citco gas station- consistent with the official story. Two Pentagon Police officers (officers Lagasse and officer Brooks) and others drew out the path of the plane without consulting with each other. Each time the path was drawn exactly the same. The 2 officers are highly trained to observe evidence and precisely document what they see. And before this, they had never spoken to each other regarding what they saw to compare notes.

officer Lagasse
officer Lagasse
officer Middleton
officer Middleton

4- Cab Driver Confession to Staged Event

Then there is cab driver and key witness Lloyd England who confesses on camera that the entire light pole scene was staged. (Watch National Security Alert here) He describes in detail how he was told to meet several agents on the bridge to pretend and all. This single testimony ends this debate silly Pentagon debate once and for all. Nevertheless, those who want to support the official story will do so at any cost:

Q- But they used you? A- "I'm in it... we came across the highway together"

"It was planned"

"This is their thing... This is for them ... I'm not supposed to be in it"

“It was planned”

Lloyd England

Additionally, Chandler accepts what he calls "overlapping radar evidence" as authentic though he admits it CAN be altered but he doesn't see how accurate such an alteration would be thus he dismisses this possibility entirely.

"My conclusion is the radar is authentic ... I see no compelling reason to throw it out. "

As noted above, Chandler fully believes, or should I say, is completely fooled into believing the Lloyd England light pole testimony. He makes the following claims regarding the Lloyd England light pole scene:

"Lloyd ... should be listed as witnesses to the plane"

"The taxi is evidence that the light pole damage happened in real-time as the plane approached"

"It could not have been pre-planted evidence"

Getting the picture?

I'm in the process of attempting to contact Chandler to see if I can get a public retraction about this misspeak. Chandler was obviously not aware of this critical evidence before this presentation. He admits that the notion of Hani Hanjour flying flight 77 at 500 mph into the Pentagon is impossible. Besides, how would Hani Hanjour know to take this huge plane and slam it into the exact same section of the Pentagon that was being renovated since 1993??

The fact is, the entire scene at the Pentagon, just like ground zero, was one big controlled crime scene. The image, flight data information, testimony and video were all carefully reviewed before being released to the public. Don't forget people, manipulation and cover-up of evidence IS the story of 9/11!

It's time to get back on track and to get AWAY from pointless staged Pentagon talk. There are too many things going on that this group should be talking about.

Hopefully this post will close the doors on the Pentagon circus talk of the last 3 months. To keep this topic going is a distraction from the more important current issues. This group has serious decisions to make soon.

The following video is the video referenced throughout the above rebuttal. Notice that David Chandler agrees at the very of his presentation, that Flight 77 could not have flewn into the Pentagon as the official story claims due to the high speed and low altitude. This single statement entirely debunked the claims that were being made at the time by the then group organizer in an attempt to sell the 9/11 official story.