New LA Chapter
Launched December 2015
Team Leaders:
All members in this group are team leaders. We believe decentralizing truth groups is a key to success.
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Mission Statement


We Are Change Los Angeles is committed to following truth and we believe in certain core beliefs that identify the truth movement. To understand the mission of this chapter you must understand it in the context of the truth movement. We are part of the truth movement which is an idea and a citizen based grassroots peace and social justice movement that began mostly in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 globalist terror attacks on America. An attack planned and coordinated by a network of global financial elite referred to by many as the nameless "new world order". For this reason the truth movement began as a focused attempt to reveal the truth about 9/11 but has since expanded to cover many other social justice issues that plague humanity.

We believe this era of information awareness and sophisticated technology has both allowed corrupt governments to become more oppressive and at the same time has allowed the truth about the new world order to become common knowledge to millions around the world. The truth movement represents the spirit and commitment of humanity to focus on exposing the globalists, corrupt politicians, and elite who are working tirelessly to enslave humanity and usher in their new world order.

The truth movement which We Are Change Los Angeles upholds, while it's mostly an idea, it is also a conscious commitment to actions that promote social justice, freedom, liberty, equality and opposition to political corruption, oppression, tyranny and fascism. We hold politicians and media responsible for the lies they tell that keep humanity in a perpetual state of enslavement and war under the guise of "safety" from terrorism shown to be created and orchestrated by the same controllers who seek to diminish your freedoms and liberty.

Above all, we seeks to expose all lies, political propaganda, mass deception and staged news at any cost. Like the truth movement, we have no obligated allegiance to any political party (including the libertarian political party), religion, race, gender, culture or other interest because all of these interests are vulnerable to government propaganda. We acknowledge that truth itself is the thing that holds the most value regardless of who it may offend and it is incumbent upon all of us to do the best we can to line ourselves up with the truth whatever that truth may be.

We acknowledge that in the past some organizations and leaders have been described and referred to by mass media as representatives of the truth movement, but we believe that is not possible because the truth movement is a conscious network without a single leader. It is a matrix of global consciousness that has evolved out of humanity in the post 9/11 era that cannot be stopped. We believe government controllers would love to suggest that the truth movement is represented by one person or one organization because that makes the idea easier to discredit or destroy by simply destroying or discrediting that single person or organization. Unfortunately for the controllers the truth movement is a living and breathing concept that lives inside of you and I, and it is the essence of humanity's conscious attempt to survive this modern day tyranny and mass mind control. 

Here at We Are Change Los Angeles, we believe that acknowledging the essence and reality of the truth movement is a great starting point to becoming mentally free from the enslavement humanity is under. Like the essence of realizing that you are born a free sovereign human being, likewise truth is a realization not a dogma or belief to be forced on anyone.