New LA Chapter
Launched December 2015
Team Leaders:
All members in this group are team leaders. We believe decentralizing truth groups is a key to success.
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New Group Officially Comes Together

We are change

Exiting members of the meetup group "WACLA" recently decided to move on and form We are change Los Angeles. Why? Because to several members it felt like the group was thrust into confusion and division overnight. Two consecutive meetups of strange new declarations were imposed on a small group of truthers during October and November 2015. The majority of our truth seeking members are used to getting together once a month to discuss the latest developments of the new world order, progressive losses of freedoms and solutions as well. Suddenly, it felt like attending our only monthly truth meetup became a burden due to the disinformation being spread. What was once a meetup to look forward to was artificially altered into a stressful and tense battle between truth and lies. By the third month of this group distraction, division and infiltration (December 2015) the decision was made by most of the core members who attend monthly to form a new group. A vote was taken by a small group of members fairly representing those who normally attend, and it was decided to continue the “We Are Change” tradition. After discussion with group members we decided to resurrect the lost chapter of We Are Change L.A. And rename it properly 'We Are Change Los Angeles'. The disrupted chapter of We Are Change we were all exiting, “WACLA” once represented at a site which had been dormant for around 3 years. The only remaining remnant of this group can be found on under “WACLA” and is from now on entirely unrelated to this new chapter of We Are Change.

The idea is to restore the tradition of We Are Change here in Los Angeles so that truth seekers who genuinely want to meetup once a month in a warm environment of like-minded individuals to discuss truth and freedom topics can do so.

And so officially the new group came together November-December of 2015 and organized important initial meetups to coordinate our direction and goals for the new group.

Thanks to all the members of this group who made the transition and restoration possible. For more on the history of the group read here. To fill out our questionnaire and apply to be verified into the group click here.