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Launched December 2015
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All members in this group are team leaders. We believe decentralizing truth groups is a key to success.
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Presentation About Infiltration and Disinformation Sets Tone for New We Are Change Group


The new We Are Change Los Angeles group met officially for the first time on Saturday December 26, 2015 as one of the group leaders presented a lecture on Infiltration and Disinformation in the Truth movement. It took about 3 hours to get through all the material but enthusiastic members responded well.

With the recent suspected infiltration of the old “WACLA” meetup group serving as the motivator for this presentation, the key points were the pointing out of the typical methods used by infiltrators like assuming positions of leadership and waiting patiently for the right timing before disrupting a group.

Truth groups are then told all about how the 9/11 truth movement has supposedly failed so miserably. This is usually the “problem” presented to the group which the group is told needs a “solution”. The “solution” the old WACLA group was ambushed with involved pointing the blame for 9/11 away from the criminal network of conspirators who did 9/11 starting with the Bush administration neocons.

Cognitive diversity Israel did it movement aims for "cognitive diversity"

In the recent suspected infiltration the blame for 9/11 is now place on the nation state of Israel. This new “Israel did it” psyop movement is attempting to push its way into the 9/11 Truth movement by claiming that the nation state of Israel and only Israel was behind 9/11. In order to perpetuate this deception the infiltrators had to push an artificial narrative supporting the official story of 9/11 at the Pentagon and they are even trying to place Israeli vans in Shanksville. These 2 techniques work perfect for exonerating Donald Rumsfeld Pentagon and NORAD from any involvement in 9/11 including the Pentagon military operation.

A full rebuttal of the Pentagon official story lies pushed by the old WACLA meetup group organizer is posted here.

Given the 9/11 Pentagon confession by cab driver Lloyd England, coupled with the numerous eyewitnesses which confirm the flight of the path of the low flying jet at the Pentagon which completely debunks the official account, as well as the the blatantly suspicious staged “evidence” of tiny plane parts at the Pentagon inconsistent with all original photos and reports, we have no reason to believe this latest wave of disinformation did not come directly from Intelligence.

Other techniques used to employ this new agenda involved denying the existence of the new world order as well as all the false flag crisis actor mass shootings we are now regularly seeing.

online troll

Truth groups, in particular this now co-opted WACLA meetup group which everyone exited out of, had been targeted numerous times in the past by Intelligence according to other former members. Therefore as Bernie reminded members, no one should be surprised by what happened.

The presentation focused mostly on how the “Israel did it” psychological operation may now be the primary tool to be used against the 9/11 truth movement in 2016. This presentation was intended to set the tone for what we all hope will be a bright future for the new We Are Change Los Angeles chapter.

Lots of new ideas are planned with the new group. As a reminder, membership is by verification and approval only.