New LA Chapter
Launched December 2015
Team Leaders:
All members in this group are team leaders. We believe decentralizing truth groups is a key to success.
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Diminishing freedoms
9/11 Truth
Climate change
Islamic terrorism
Emerging new world order
End the Fed
Medical tyranny
Gender equality
Alien disclosure
Animal rights
Domestic terrorism
Sports gambling

Where do you think the term "conspiracy theorist" comes from? Choose 1 answer below:

The term refers to the notion of lunatics who think the government would murder its own citizens or commit crimes.
It's a mixed term that applies to the legitimate state of confusion and fear that accompanies the process of realizing government is corrupt.
It's entirely a term created by the US Intelligence for the purpose of creating the illusion that questioning government narratives is a mental illness.

Where do you mostly get your news from? Explain in box below

In your own words, tell us what a false flag is and give an example of one.

Tell us why do you want to join this group and what do you expect to contribute to the group?

What other groups have you participated in?

9/11 Truth
Social justice campaigns
Anti war
Animal rights groups
End the Fed, Occupy protests

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