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Was WACLA Really Infiltrated?

We are change

Did we witness a sudden sporadic difference in views of the world between majority attending members of a meetup group called We are change L.A. or WACLA and the organizer and his “partner”? Or did we experience a classic group infiltration with the goals of dividing and conquering the group with disinformation? Was it really all random or coordinated? And how can we discern the difference?

These are the genuine questions everyone involved in this group should be asking. I believe there is evidence of a coordinated agenda from multiple perspectives.

First, the timing of the suspected infiltration was very telling. Groups generally don't suddenly announce changes in their narrative especially when it strikes at the core of the group's beliefs, unless someone is paying for or has a compelling interest in spreading that narrative for a particular political or personal gain. Group organizers who have no history or reputation of being experts in the field in question generally don't unilaterally announce new belief systems in those fields. This would be considered highly unusual in almost any context in life. You wouldn't expect a math teacher to declare new rules in psychology when he has no background in psychology and you wouldn't take medical advice from someone who is an expert at plumbing.

Second, the unusual persistence of ridiculing others on the part of the perpetrators was very telling. Ridiculing truth seekers for believing several of the mass shootings and attacks from the last few years were (as the evidence shows) staged false flags was also very telling. The lesson learned here is that anytime someone starts sounding like mainstream media news, you should probably run the other way. The US government, its military and its Intelligence agencies have been infiltrating groups for very long. This is what they do to control the opposition and no one should be surprised by this possibility. The fear they have is of enough people waking up to their crimes and operations, so in order to stop this they always introduce theories that blame others for the crimes they themselves have committed. In this particular group the 'Only Israel did 9/11' and the selling of the 9/11 Pentagon official story both work into this agenda (of pointing blame away from the US government and military) perfectly.

That these 2 topics (9/11 Pentagon and Israel did 9/11) would be artificially pushed on the group against their will should be an eye opener to anyone paying attention.

In the context of this scenario, we also saw an about face from the leadership and key point characters when it comes to exposing government false flag events. During the suspected group infiltration we were all now being told that all the shooting false flags happening at an alarming rate in America, we no longer to be considered false flag shootings and staged events. Instead we were told in a round about way to believe mainstream media news accounts of these false flags.

On top of all of this, the group was informed by the “new” group spokesman agents that we should not get our news from the internet, that the U.N. Global agenda of enslavement is not real, and that the new world order is not real. The ridicule and mockery of truth inside a once strong truth group ultimately marked the demise of the group.

Before it was over, those who stood against and called out the liars were removed from the group. Evidence calling out the agents was destroyed and the full takeover was official.

So if anyone wants to speculate that all of this could be just a crazy coincidence and that all of these accounts are exaggerations, you are free to stay willfully oblivious about this seemingly coordinated disruptive event.

Contrary to the beliefs of many there is such a thing as objective truth and we should do all we can to align ourselves up with that truth.

Bernie Suarez Organizer