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Without the Pentagon Lies the Israel Did It Movement Dies

April 2016

Former WAC LA chapter still at it 8 months later selling official story lies about 9/11 and the Pentagon- Declares Pentagon official story "OFFICIAL POSITION" of We Are Change!!
WAC Fraud

As this official chapter of We Are Change Los Angeles carries on with educational meetings, action planning and discussions about important topics that matter to Truth seekers, it may interest you to know that the former We Are Change Los Angeles chapter which still apparently operates as a get-together group though it was replaced as the official chapter of the organization in Los Angeles back in December of 2015, is still led by "Ed" and his cheerleader partner "Nelson", 2 men who decided to pull the plug on Truth and drag the group into obscurity babbling nonsense about how only Israel did 9/11. They didn't just drop the topic on everyone overnight, however. The key to all of this deception was to introduce the official story of 9/11 with regard to the Pentagon. Yes, in case you haven't figured it out by now, the Pentagon official story and the "only Israel did it" movement go hand in hand and they need each other to survive. You can't have one without the other. This is just one easy way to expose this fraudulent movement trying to destroy the reputation of the Truth movement and even We Are Change as an organization as well. These men are well aware of the reputation We Are Change has for exposing the new world order, the global elite and staying on top of developing events both domestically and abroad.

WAC Fraud

In the official story, instead of recognizing 9/11 for what it was, a US government state sponsored false flag terror event staged to strip Americans of their rights, launch the permanent war on terror and endless war including war funding for themselves (see Pentagon Slush Fund) and their overseas NATO allies (including Israel), instead they claim that 9/11 was strictly an Israeli coup d'etat with little significant if any involvement at all from Bush, Cheney, the US military or American government. How convenient huh?

Truth seekers in Los Angeles quickly realized that the key to this entire infiltration and deception to "officially" make the group appear like an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish organization pointing the blame of not just 9/11 but all problems of the world on Israel was to sell the Pentagon lies first.

Well guess what? It's been over 8 months now and guess what these men are still pushing on the group? The Pentagon official story lies! And the group organizer is now DECLARING these lies to be the "official position" of We Are Change Los Angeles even though his group no longer is recognized as the official chapter of We Are Change Los Angeles.

WAC Fraud

" a result of doing just that We are change is taking the official position that American Airlines flight 77 hit the Pentagon..."

WAC Fraud

WAC Fraud

Welcome to the makings of a genuine group infiltration which we've addressed here at We Are Change Los Angeles and won't go into it again here. Please see previous postings here and here for more of this where we discuss the history of the infiltration as well as all the evidence demonstrated by Citizens Investigation Team (CIT) destroying the official story lies.

Article posted 04-18-16 courtesy We Are Change Los Angeles official chapter